Northern Air has a variety of freight services and with a competitive price. All items need to be consigned to Northern Air office prior to departure of the specific flight. 

Freights Rate :
Freights rates and charges can also be obtained by emailing

or by calling (679) 7732449/ 9958162 /9958160/ 3475 005

Parcels :
  •  Iceboxes must be watertight, properly closed and show no risk of leakage
  • Dive tanks must be empty
  • Adult bicycles must be wrapped in cardboard, wheels taken off and deflated
  • Surfboards will be accepted if shorter than 1.80m, and according to available space
  • Thermic engines must be emptied of fuel
  • Fishing rods must be presented in rigid or semi-rigid packaging
  • Spear fishing guns must have their arrow tip protected

Parcel shipment procedure
  • An AWB (Air Way Bill) is drafted. It serves as transportation contract and receipt. It can hold for one or more parcels if they are dropped off at the same time and for the same recipient. Payment can be made with cash, Direct Deposit, M-Paisa, Credit Cards and Bank Checks 
  • Your parcel will be loaded on the first possible flight according to weight and volume availability. You can request that your parcel leaves on a specific flight and our staff will do their best to accommodate you.

Parcel collection
Please go to Northern Air Airport Desk of the island with valid I.D. 
We ask you to please check the condition of your shipment before collecting it. In case of damage, the report must be filed at the time of collection.

-The sender must write very legibly on the shipment his own address and number(s), those of the receiving party and the shipment's final destination. 
-The sender will notify the receiving party of the shipment in order to avoid storage fees.
-The parcel needs to be left open for the traffic officers inspection who will then seal it in front of the  customer.

The below items incure additional cost to trasport due to their bulky nature. 
Surfboard / Skis $150.00
Golf Clubs $100.00
Bikes - must be disassembled $100.00
Car Seats $100.00