From humble beginnings, launching as the first sustainable family business in Fiji, Mr. R S San’s family saw an opportunity and vacuum in room for additional airline service to various sectors and stakeholders in neglected areas around the Fiji Island. Northern Air Services Limited Charters Pte Limited is 100% locally owned airline.

Northern Air Services Charters Limited provides enormous services to tourism industry and evacuation of sickly patience from outer Islands with its Charters flights. We are proud to say that with the introduction of schedule flights with a genuine customer service to fly the public along with a strong commitment to being the best in the business. With its evolving business strategy to provide positive support to the economic growth and services in neglected areas especially to Savusavu, Taveuni, Gau, Moala and other outer islands by providing affordable and reliable services to various stakeholders. 

The company after two years of serving local with Charter services secured Domestic route license to operate which was formulated and rejuvenated by the Governments announcement of support of the North, through the "LOOK NORTH POLICY". With the family aspiration and long term dream of owning an airline of it’s own to service the people of the North this investment came at a time when the needs and services needed by the public. 

The declining services in the industry and the growth in local travel give an opportune time for making investment in this industry. 

Northern air sees that economic growth is not the only reason to provide this service but the obligation to social rehabilitation for our own people, who are scattered over the Fiji Group of Islands, should be set as paramount. Some of our remote and beautiful islands and populace are neglected with occasional travel opportunities to the main land centers for medical, educational and more so reunion.

Northern Air sacrifices to invest to fill up the vacuum to provide the service that is needed not only for the North but the population of Fiji Island and the tourist who dream to visit the outer island in the Fiji group. 

Booked your ticket online and experience the "Spirit of the friendly North".- www.northernair.com.fj